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    Baerii Black Caviar

    Baerii caviar is known for its rich fine grain, granting it a smooth and elegant appearance that is immediately identifiable for its fantastic quality and exquisite feel. With colors ranging from a classic smoky grey to a pure black, its clarity of taste and creamy finish are just a few of the best things about this almost sensually smooth product.

    This intensely flavourful food is instantly recognizable because of its almost treasure-like pearl texture. For connoisseurs of the popular resource, this distinctly unique form makes this product unmistakable, providing an experience unlike anything else. A delicious accompaniment for canapes, eggs or even smoked salmon, this more readily available option has countless luxurious uses.

    Characteristics of an excellent caviar

    In addition to carefully selecting each caviar, we decided to add a little more salt so that the caviar had a more revealed brackish content. Natural taste of caviar and 3% salt prolong the freshness of caviar until 3 months of storage.

    We get roe with the use of “milling” method – this is a sparing method when we make a small incision on the belly of the fish and carefully squeeze out the roe. The female survives herewith, and the incision heals quickly.

    We salt and pasteurize the roe here, on the farm. Only as follows we can give 100% quality and freshness guarantee.

    Package: metal can.

    Shelf life: 3 months

    1 review for Baerii Black Caviar 50% OFF

    1. Fernanda Seles

      I recently tried the Royal Baerii Black Caviar and was blown away by its quality and flavor. The truffle taste was rich and intense, and the caviar was incredibly fresh and had a lovely texture. I also appreciated being able to choose from various tin sizes. The 50 gram tin was the perfect amount for a small gathering, and the larger tins were great for events or as gifts. Highly recommend giving this caviar a try!

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