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    Best Oscietra caviar in Spain, from the Gueldenstaedti species

    The Best Osetra Caviar in Spain. Its most outstanding quality is its delicate sweetness, extremely refined with its amber-colored and consistent roe.

    Obtained from the pure species of the Russian sturgeon, Osetra is an extremely elegant caviar with a very delicate taste, delicious and soft, with a sweet note which is reminiscent of lobster and butter and nutty flavor. The eggs are very grainy, medium/large size around 3 mm, the aroma is not persistent. You will find sensations of rare elegance and delicate sweetness. It is perfect for those who are approaching the magical world of caviar for the first time and who wants to taste the best Osetra Caviar in Spain.

    Characteristics of an excellent caviar

    Medium/small size around 2 mm, persistent aroma. One finds sensations of rare elegance and delicate sweetness.
    Color: black with amber shades.

    Texture: Firm yet delicate, grainy roe with a medium/large size of around 3mm. Taste: A balance of salty and sweet flavors with nutty and lobster-like notes.

    Sustainably sourced from the Gueldenstaedti species of Russian sturgeon, this caviar is not only delicious but also environmentally responsible. The sturgeon are raised in optimal conditions and the caviar is carefully processed to ensure its premium quality.

    Whether you are a caviar aficionado or just looking to indulge in a luxurious treat, this Best Osetra Caviar in Spain is sure to impress. Serve it as a topping for cocktails, as a garnish for dishes, or simply enjoy it on its own. Its delicate flavor and unique taste make it a truly exceptional culinary experience.

    3 reviews for Best Osetra Caviar Malossol- Spain 50% OFF

    1. Marta Stwuart

      Excellent taste. I recommend it

    2. Johan Belloni

      Royal quality. The price is also very good for the amount, I ate twice with my girlfriend and I still have some in the fridge.

    3. Georgia

      Very very tasty and trully original caviar delivered fresh at my door

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