113 g Imperial Sevruga Caviar Malossol


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    Sevruga caviar

    Sevruga caviar has a distinctive, smooth, buttery flavor with a long, subtle aftertaste. The color of its small pearl grains is pale grey. Sevruga is the smallest of the sturgeon caviar and compared to Beluga and Osetra sturgeon caviar, it has a more intense flavor. The best Sevruga caviar in the world is found in the Caspian Sea, which is why it is produced in Russia. The caviar is prepared using only pure salt, resulting in Malossol caviar of exceptional quality. The 113g product is available in attractive glass jars, perfect for gift giving. Its shelf life is 6 to 8 months if stored in the refrigerator.

    Characteristics of an excellent caviar

    Medium/small size around 2 mm, non persistent aroma. One finds sensations of rare elegance and delicate sweetness.
    Color: black with amber shades.

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    1. Andrea Cartola

      I love them all types have been very fresh and high quality.

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