113 g Imperial Beluga Caviar Malossol


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    Beluga caviar

    The beluga lives in the Caspian Sea and can reach impressive sizes throughout its life. The fish can live up to 150 years and weigh a ton. Many experts consider beluga caviar to be the best, placing excessive demands on these species.
    This caviar is known for its subtle buttery flavor. It should always be served cold.
    The best quality caviar is Malossol, that is, lightly salted caviar.
    Beluga caviar is one of the most delicate and most expensive. Malossol Beluga Caviar (lightly salted) is number one in the world, and its price is truly impressive.
    Farm-sourced beluga caviar is a great choice. Whether you spread it on crepes or spoon it to your partner, it will always be the essence of true gastronomic satisfaction. Russian Black Beluga Caviar is presented in glass jars of 113 g (4 oz) each and has medium-sized grains.

    Characteristics of an excellent caviar

    Medium/large size around 3 mm, non persistent aroma. One finds sensations of rare elegance and delicate sweetness.
    Color: black with amber shades.

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    1. Vaskandi Allondo

      really exquisite taste. I liked the fact that it was delivered at the right temperature, very fresh and tasty

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