Why is Malossol so appreciated?

Malossol means ‘little salt’.  The amount of salt in this method is considered ideal to provide a balance of flavor. You won’t find anything that gives you the high level of flavor that you would get with Malossol.

From Sturgeon breeding to precious caviar pearls. A fascinating life cycle that we follow every day with expertise and passion.


Perhaps not everyone is aware that behind the pleasure of tasting this delicious food lies lengthy and delicate work.

What is Osetra Malossol Caviar ?

One of the finest types of Caviar that money can buy in terms of taste and nutrition.


Many people wonder what sets Osetra Caviar apart from competition. The Osetra Sturgeon is an ancient fish native to the Caspian Sea that has remained unchanged since prehistoric era. 

Size & Texture

Osetra roe is small and firm. Though the roe is smaller than Beluga’s, it isn’t quite as delicate. It can be easier for home chefs to work with Osetra Caviar without compromising consistency.

Taste & Flavor

From the old times it uses the deserved glory as the best, most nutritious, tasty, delicacy of fish product.

Its strong nutty flavor of the deep sea provides a mild taste. Only sold in our catalog and online, its mild, buttery flavor and distinct pop makes this a wonderful selection.

01 Artisanal Process

From November to April, the sturgeons at the final stage of maturation of the eggs are transferred to the specialized laboratory, where a strictly artisanal process will be carried out, including extraction, salting (using the Malossol technique)

02 Aging & Packing

After stabling in cold storage for about two months, in the original tins, the caviar reaches its optimum maturity, its flavor becomes concentrated and exalts the intrinsic characteristics of the different types of sturgeon and is ready to be enjoyed at its best. The quality of caviar depends on the extracted egg, which must be not yet mature and able to resist the osmotic pressure of salt.

03 Final Product

The obsessive monitoring and checking of the entire chain, and the working method based on the experience and wisdom of our experts, allow us to ensure 100% natural freshness, preserving the characteristics and flavor of wild caviar.

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